Sunday Morning
10:00 AM in C202
Our Bible Class meets on Sunday mornings at 10 AM with the college and young professionals. We also offer a Marriage class on Sunday Mornings in A103 at 10 AM.

Care Groups
Another great way to get involved in our group is to visit our Care Group that meets on Sunday night.

About Us
Westover’s dynamic group of young married couples is intent on serving God and encouraging each other. The Young Marrieds group at Westover consists of a group of varying aged couples all in relatively early stages of marriage. Whether you were married last week or you’ve been in the club for a few years, you will fit in perfectly with our group. We range in ages from 20’s to 30’s and some of our members have small children.

Contact us:
Email us at

Pre-Marital Counseling:
Getting married? Visit our Pre-Marital Counseling page to sign up for our Pre-Martial Counseling sessions.