World Bible School

WBS (World Bible School) is a fantastic way to share God’s love & tell the story of Jesus to others. Everyone can do this! Neither age nor life experiences are factors. Starting back in 1973, the correspondence courses were designed to reach the lost around the world. It is the largest ministry of the churches of Christ; hundreds of congregations and thousands of teachers are involved across the USA. People who request WBS lessons are already interested in studying the Bible. They can complete the studies at their own pace. Many of them choose to be baptized after studying several courses.

It is so simple for study helpers to minister to people around the world due to Westover’s streamlined process.

  • *Multiple-choice lessons are graded by study helpers. (Answer keys provided.)
  • *You get a note telling which materials to send next along with pre-printed address labels. There are even rubber stamps to use for our return address.
  • *Once a student’s items are ready to send, you simply return everything to Westover, and the coordinators take care of processing and mailing.

Westover’s study helpers’ “base” is upstairs on “the balcony” between the children’s wing and the adult classroom wing. We get our lessons to grade and all supplies to send to our students there. While some like to take everything home and process them, many of us enjoy the fellowship while working there on Wednesday nights during class time. When you are first starting, it is especially helpful to have the support of others while gaining experience that increases your confidence. You can get your lessons and materials whenever you are at Westover; Sunday AM and Wednesday PM are usually convenient times.

To get involved, come on up to “the balcony” on Wednesday evening or Sunday morning. There will most likely be someone there who can help you get started. The only requirement is that you can grade and return the lessons in a timely fashion; the students are eagerly awaiting their scores and next lessons.

Teaching can also be done through the internet. Go to for more information and to get started as in internet study helper.

Westover WBS Coordinators: Sharon and Don Gardner,