Thrive Family Experience and Date Night
September 20 & 21, 2019
Childcare for birth-12 provided.

An event for parents and those who spend time with children and teens.


About Thrive

We all want our children to THRIVE, but challenges get in the way. Disrespect, disobedience, bad attitudes, lying, angry outbursts, fighting, arguing, and…Well the list goes on and on. In addition, ADHD, ODD, anxiety, and depression are on the rise in children. Parents need tools and insights into solutions that work today.

The problems children face start in the heart. A heart-based approach to parenting gets to the root of problems and brings about lasting change. Thrive looks at negative tendencies a child has and develops strategies for change that are practical, hopeful, and long-lasting. Dr Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller capitalize on the way God changes His children and apply these same principles to the parenting process.Parents who attend Thrive are amazed by how it applies to all ages – from toddlers to teenagers and beyond. It also applies to children with special needs since all kids have a heart and that’s where real change needs to take place. Changing behavior is important, but we don’t just want to treat the symptoms of the problems. We need to go deeper if we want to see children grow into solutions, not just change in order to get a reward or avoid punishment. Children who attend will see how much God loves them and how the way they live their life will have everlasting impact in showing the love of Jesus to those around them.

While the adults are enjoying date night on Friday or participating in the Saturday seminar, the children will be experiencing Thrive in their own unique way. We will be exploring what God’s plans are for us. We will be engaging in a way that includes all of our senses. We will get to sing and dance, as well as create art and projects to help express the ways God loves us. We even will get to do crazy science experiments to help solidify the message that we are God’s children and he has great plans for us!

If you’re considering attending this event, decide now to invest these few hours into your family. You’ll be glad you did! This event is for parents, grandparents, teachers, and everyone who spends time with children and teens, as well as all children ages birth-12. 

Weekend Schedule

Friday September 20th: Date Night! Bring your children for our Friday night Thrive experience. While we are with the kids, go have a great night out with your spouse or friends. 6:00-8:30 pm
Saturday September 21st: Dr Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller will be leading parents in Thrive, while the kids continue with their own Thrive Experience. 8:30 am-noon. 

Following our morning sessions, we will celebrate with a BBQ and carnival for all ages, from noon until 2pm.

Check-in 30 minutes before each session