Share the Joy blesses people living in the Austin metropolitan area.  Small communities within our church utilize this fund matching program to offer tangible expressions of love and compassion for those facing challenging circumstances.


As members of Westover, small communities spend time in their neighborhoods and work places, they have the chance to hear stories, discover needs, and serve as eyes and ears to notice those who could benefit from seeing first hand what unconditional love looks like.


This ministry empowers you to take a hands on approach to serving in the ministry of this church by being both the point of origin and primary implementers for acts of service.


Prerequisites for the funds:

1. The project must be sponsored by a small community connected with Westover.

2. The gift or project must be targeted at blessing an individual or family in the Austin metropolitan area.

3. Members of the sponsoring group must have a plan for staying in contact with the recipient in the future.


Ministry Basics:

1. Funds are intended to be used to bless individuals and families not already connected with Westover Hills.

2. For every dollar your group raises, Share the Joy will contribute a matching dollar. This means more funds to make more of an impact!

3. Before any funds are collected for a project, and application must be submitted and approved. You can apply below, or downloaded a pdf here. The average turn around time from approval to dispersing funds is 10 days.

4. All donated funds must be submitted to Westover Share the Joy Program. Once all funds are collected, payment (including funds raised and matching funds from Share the Joy) for project will be issued. Please make all checks payable to Westover Hills Share the Joy and include the sponsoring group name in the memo line.

5. Funds cannot be dispersed directly to individuals in the form of a check. It is preferred that payment be made directly to vendor. If funds will be for items such as gas or groceries they will be made available in the form of gift cards.

6. Please be aware, failure to adhere to these guidelines will delay the funding and completion of your project.

For any questions, please contact


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