Growth Group Resource Catalog

This page provides curriculum resources that will support our Growth Group leaders in filling out the teaching calendar for the year. We have developed a wide range of topical studies, complete with expert teachers, to equip your group toward Christian maturity. Each study is designed to be brought to your group to increase consistency, invite new participants, and offer practical resources that point toward spiritual growth.

To book a study, please complete the form at the link below. Once we’ve received your request, we will contact you to book the start date for the study. Please book studies in advance as we need to work around the schedule of each studies’ teacher. Once we’ve booked your start date, the teacher for the series will be in contact to confirm the reservation and cover any specific items to ensure the most positive experience for your group.

The first resource listed is RightNow Media. This online resource provides a video based catalog of over 14,000 studies for your group to benefit from. Email to set up your account. If you would like to use one of these video based studies, please submit a request for resources at least 2 weeks in advance.

RightNow Media This unparalleled resource offers studies on nearly every topic you can imagine. It is also filled with studies of books of the Bible by some of the most acclaimed gospel teachers in America. Each series is video based and can be streamed directly to your classroom.

A Christian Response for Racial Reconciliation
4 week study, taught by Sean Adams and Cliff Mullen
We are all grateful to live in the post-Civil Rights era, but we still hear and see the evidence of racism in our world. How has this social blight lingered for so many generations? More importantly, what is the Christian response to a world that appears to be ripping itself apart? This study does not provide all the answers, but it offers a starting point for people to become part of the conversation that can lead towards a better tomorrow.

Centering Prayer
Three week study, taught by Brad Fullerton
How can we stay centered on the presence and promise of God in a world so distracted? The best answer is practice. This study takes 3 weeks to expose participants to what it means to practice at the act of prayer in ways that help the individual connect more fully with God.

Discover Ministry
Two week study, taught by a member of the Connections Ministry Team
A two week study that leads participants to a more practical understanding of what it means for them to be a member of the Body of Christ. We will explore the value each individual adds to the Body, and the immense power that lies with in the congregation committed to seeking God’s Spirit together.

Discover Mission
Four week study, taught by a member of the Connections Ministry Team
What does it mean to be “on mission?” Maybe we associate the missionary with being a professional role, or something that takes place over-seas, or perhaps something that is carried out through Bible studies that lead to someone being baptized. This study connects participants with a much more pragmatic and Biblical definition of being part of God’s mission. It leads people to find their place in God’s grand work to reconcile the world to himself by increasing awareness, introducing practical skills, and offering better questions for us to ask.

Discover Neighboring
Three week study, taught by Cliff Mullen
The call to love our neighbors as we love ourselves is a call to practice, not to know. But how do we love our neighbors well in the modern world? In this study we will explore the concrete steps to build Christian community that allows us to engage with the people we rub shoulders with every day in new ways that will allow us to intentionally and respectfully introduce them to the love God desires them to experience.

Evangelism Today
Six to twelve week study, taught by Cliff Mullen
This highly customizable study tackles a the touchy subject of evangelizing in our specific context. We’ll cover the entire process of evangelism by leading participants through how to start the conversation all the way to how to welcome a new believer into the life of the church. A key focus is the posture and attitude required of the Christian sharing their faith in ways that reflect the character of God.

Faith Story
Multiple Offerings, taught by our Youth, Children’s, and Young Adult Ministries
The highest calling of any parent is to raise children in a way that leads them to God’s best for their lives. The FaithStory series provides studies ranging from one to four weeks, targeted at key transition points in the life of a child. These course offer biblical and practical tips for parents to lead their children toward a faith of their own.

Financial Peace University
Eight week study, taught by Kevin Miller, Erin Chisholm, Kristi Pruiksma, and Ken Pruiksma 
If you’re alive, then you’ve made mistakes with money. This study provides resources, conversation, and practices to help live with a higher degree of stewardship. The distinctive characteristic of stewardship is the recognition that all we have is God’s. By learning to handle our finances in godly ways, we get to live with the kind of peace that allows us to pour into the lives of others in powerful ways.

Growth Grouping
Four week study, taught by member of Growth Group Team
We’re a church comprised of good hearted Americans. That means we’re good at seeing ourselves as individuals. This is valuable in so many ways, but it offers some real challenges to our spiritual growth. This study helps participants discover the necessity of community in spiritual formation. Through a combination of biblical study, spiritual practice, practical insights, and conversation, participants will discover Westover’s convictions about spiritual formation, why we’ve decided to lean on the Growth Group model, and how their Growth Group can play an instrumental role in becoming more like Jesus.

Preparedness Peace
Six week study, taught by Sandra Towler
When disaster strikes our city, whether it be a flood, fire, or other form of devastation, our church feels the burden to respond. Our partnership with Austin Disaster Relief Network has prepared us to do this. But in order for us to be able to respond, we first must do what we can to ensure we are prepared for disaster. We cannot help others if we are the ones in need of help. This study prepares participants to live ready lives so that we are free to help others in times of trouble.

Reading the Bible for Life Lessons
Six week study, taught by Tommy Toles
When people believe in God, they understand that the Bible is a valuable resource to their spiritual growth. While the message of the Bible is simple, sometimes the 66 books that make up the Bible can be complex. At the very least, their origin in a different time and culture can cause them to feel distant. But what if believers were better equipped to plunge into the text of the Bible with more confidence and proficiency? What if they were able to work through Scripture in their households, to more adequately instill faith in the next generation? These are the goals of the study.

Taste of Grace
Twelve week study, taught by Ray Sibert, David Roberts, Rebecca Ellis, and Merry Culp
A topic that has received deafening silence in churches is the impact of mental illness and addiction on families and faith.  In response, Westover offers a series that helps surface the challenges that families face when they are coping with a family member suffering from mental illness or addiction, while providing helpful language and tools to support families in this challenging place.