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Special Attention:

  • We will have our regular Zoom meeting this Sunday even though it’s a 5th Sunday.
  • There are some changes in the schedule for discussion leaders.
  • For at least some computers and devices, there is a required Zoom update that has to be done before May 31.
  • Last Sunday evening, a Zoom sing-along on June 7 was mentioned. It is for Westover kids, so it will not affect our schedule.


05/31DeannaPhilippians 1:27-2:4Zoom
06/07Mary Lou15 Essential Bible Texts, #8) John 1:14
God Comes to Dwell on Earth
06/14AlbertPhilippians 2:5-11Zoom
06/21JeffPhilippians 2:9-11Zoom
06/29IraPhilippians 2:12-18Zoom

These are questions on Philippians 1:27-2:4 from N. T. Wright. Deanna may or may not use any of them. They are here to give something specific to consider when studying the lesson and watching the video.

  1. What do you think your community might be saying about the Christians who live in it?
  2. What are your initial thoughts, ideas, and questions that come to mind after hearing what Prof. Wright taught?
  3. Why is it so important that Christians show unity in a pagan environment? What are evidences of a “pagan environment” that surrounds you?
  4. What are some of the essential elements, marks, or practices of Christian unity?
  5. Why, according to Paul, should believers living in the present age expect to experience suffering?
  6. Where have you experienced opposition in your attempts to live your faith publicly?
  7. Paul’s teaching challenges us to fight for unity within the community of faith. How can you personally contribute to unity within your community?
  8. What are some practical ways that you can love and prefer others in your home, work environment, or church, above yourself? Think about those whom it is hard for you to love


Sick, their caregivers, and family

  • Lisa’s arm is still the same. She’s scheduled to see the doctor again this week.
  • Carolyn had a good appointment with the doctor on Thursday. She’s able to spend more time out of the wheel chair and put about 50% weight on the leg. She has six more weeks of only partial weight on her leg.
  • Barbara’s infusion last week was 6 1/2 hours and very tiring. After seeing how she tolerated the first infusion, it was possible to reduce the one today to 4 hours. She tolerated it better.
  • Bob’s said that he got an “outstanding” PSA report, so the doctor is weaning him off the hormone treatments, but it takes a while to quit feeling the effects.
  • Murna has leg problems but has had all of the allowable injections for a while. Hemp oil is helping some.
  • June’s legs are much better.
  • Cynthia’s ear may be a little better thanks to a new medication. She sees the doctor again on Thursday.
  • Ed D, a long-time Westover member, is under hospice care and may have only a few days left.
  • Michael C, Freedom Church graduate and now a Westover member, is recovering from broken blood vessel in his head. He is some better but still has only partial vision.
  • Rod’s shoulder is still hurting but he needs to return to work this week.
  • Mike L, Vicki’s friend, ran a bar through his eye when he fell of the bed. He’s had one surgery and needs another one, maybe on June 2. The problem possibly may affect the other eye also.
  • Molly S, a new baby for an associate of Mary Lou, was born with a rare condition causing both hearing and vision issues.


  • Thankful for the service Sunday morning.


  • Special education children and the problems they and their families are facing during stay-at-home.


Sick, their caregivers, and family

  • Cynthia’s hearing is still a problem. She has an additional medicine for her ear and goes back to the doctor next week.
  • Lisa’s broken arm is not healing as it should, so she can’t start physical therapy yet. She has very restricted movement with her arm and has a lot of difficulty sleeping.
  • Carolyn goes back to the doctor on Thursday and hopes to get the OK not to use the wheel chair.
  • Murna has leg problems but has had all of the allowable injections for a while.
  • Bobbye had to have surgery to repair an implant that helps to control her pain.
  • June has been having pain in both legs. Injections in her spine have helped, and she is praying for long-duration relief from the injections.
  • Rod’s shoulder is a little better but he has been denied leave for his injury. He will be starting physical therapy. Pray that he will be granted leave for his injury and for a good decision about whether surgery is needed.
  • Michael C, Freedom Church graduate and now a Westover member, had heat stroke, had to go to the emergency room, left hospital, but had to go back.


  • Katie, June and Ira’s granddaughter, and David, Katie’s husband, had their first child and June & Ira’s first great-grandchild Monday.
  • Thankful for the seniors, senior Sunday, the great service Sunday, and those with the technical expertise for the service, the videos, etc.

Many thanks to Ann & Bill for hosting our Christmas dinner again, to Vicki & Albert for the program, and to Lisa for photographs. There were 37 at the dinner.

Video of Singing

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The first list is chronological with books of the Bible highlighted. A list of books of the Bible indicating the ones we’ve studied since mid-2006 follows the chronological list. The summary of our previous studies can also be viewed in a pdf file: Previous Care Group Studies.

Click for the Old Testament list or the New Testament list.

Dates Topic
Jun 2006-Oct 2006 The Parables
Nov 2006-Mar 2007 The Psalms
Apr 2007-Jun 2007 Paul’s Prayers
Jul 2007-Sep 2007 Minor Prophets
Oct 2007-Nov 2007 Promised Land videos
Dec 2007-Feb 2008 Ministry of Christ videos
Feb 2008-Jul 2008 Hebrews
Jul 2008-Sep 2008 Ecclesiastes
Sep 2008 Song of Songs
Oct 2008-Jan 2009 Joshua
Feb 2009-Aug 2009 Alternating: Judges & Fruit of the Spirit
Aug 2009-Nov 2009 Pastoral Epistles: 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus
Nov 2009-Feb 2011 John
Feb 2011-Aug 2011 Discussion leader’s choice: (The Lord’s Prayer,
Samson, Jesus’ teaching method, Don’t Mock God,
Ps. 23, Demons, Cultural groups in Palestine,
Nehemiah, Moses, The Soul, Hell & Hades
Sep 2011-Dec 2011 Clearing the High Hurdles (Swindoll)
Jan 2012-May 2012 Topics in books of the Bible
Jun 2012-Aug 2012 His Story, My Story (Max Lucado)
Sep 2012-Oct 2012 The Lord’s Supper
Nov 2012-Jan 2013 Who is this man (videos)
Jan 2013-Feb 2013 Bring a scripture/song: General, then forgiveness
Feb 24, 2013 Christian Zionism
Mar 2013-May 2013 1 & 2 Thessalonians
May 2013-Jul 2013 Things that Matter (Austin Grad)
Aug 2013-Nov 2013 James
Nov 24, 2013 Job
Dec 08, 2013 Shema
Jan 2014-Feb 2014 Jonah
Feb 2014-Mar 2014 Amazing Diversity of Unbelief
Apr 2014-Jun 2014 1, 2, & 3 John, Jude
Jun 22, 2014 Communion
Aug 2014 Nine Word Stories
Aug 2014-Sep 2014 Survey of Major World Religions
Sep 14, 2014 Psalmists’ views on meditation
Sep 21&28, 2014 History of the Middle East
Oct 2014 Colossians
Nov 2014-Mar 2015 Mark
Apr 12&19, 2015 Biblical Teaching, Culture, & Tradition
Apr 2015-Jun 2015 Questions Jesus Asked
Aug 2015-Oct 2015 1 & 2 Peter, Jude
Nov 2015 Love Where You Live
Nov 22 & Dec 6, 2015 Bring a scripture/song/devotional thought or a memory
of someone who had a significant influence on you
Jan 2016-Mar 2016 Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5-7)
Mar 20, 2016 Ministry updates
Apr 03, 2016 Angels
Apr 10, 2016 Ministry updates
Apr 2016-May 2016 Ezra
May 2016-Jun 2016 Nehemiah
Jun 26, 2016 Esther
Aug 2016-Nov 2016 Acts
Dec 04, 2016 Ps. 119
Dec 18, 2016 The Democratization of American Christianity
Jan 2017-Feb 2017 The Holy Spirit
Feb 19, 2017 The Trinity
Feb 2017-Jun 2017 1 Corinthians
Jun 2017-Dec 2017 Video series on John (Harris)
Jan 2018-Apr 2018 2 Corinthians
Apr 2018-Jun 2018 Proverbs
Aug 2018-Nov 2018 James (Frances Chan videos)
Nov 18, 2018 Things hard to understand
Dec 2, 2018 Jesus Heals
Dec 16, 2018 Finishing Badly
Jan 2019-Apr 2019 Genesis
May 2019-Jun 2019 Prayer
Aug 2019-Dec 2019 Isaiah
Jan 2020- C S Lewis, some of Ash’s videos “Walking with C. S. Lewis” and some of Lewis’ books.

Click for the Chronological list or New Testament list

Genesis (2019)
Joshua (2008-2009)
Judges (2009)
1 Samuel
2 Samuel
1 Kings
2 Kings
1 Chronicles
2 Chronicles
Ezra (2016)
Nehemiah (2016)
Esther (2016)
Psalms (2006-2007)
Proverbs (2018)
Ecclesiastes (2008)
Song of Solomon (2008)
Isaiah (2019)
Minor Prophets, 2007

   Jonah (also 2013)

Click for the Chronological list or Old Testament list

Mark (2014-2015)
John (2009-2011, 2017)
Acts (2016)
1 Corinthians (2017)
2 Corinthians (2018)
Colossians (2014)
1 Thessalonians (2013)
2 Thessalonians (2013)
1 Timothy (2009)
2 Timothy (2009)
Titus (2009)
Hebrews (2008)
James (2013, 2018)
1 Peter (2015)
2 Peter (2015)
1 John (2014)
2 John (2014)
3 John (2014)
Jude (2014, 2015)

Previous suggestions:

  • Romans
  • Philippians
  • Prophecies fulfilled in Matthew (Would need study guide.)
Westover is helping to support Daniel and Karly Napier and family in Thessaloniki, Greece, to work with refugees. Peggy and Ed are on the Westover support team for the Napiers. The Georgetown Church of Christ is the supervising church for them. It has been decided to purchase space for use as a classroom and for mentoring, occasional small conferences, worship, and prayer meetings, and sometimes for a safe house for Christian refugees who are being persecuted at a refugee camp. It is desired to raise $55,000, mostly through individual contributions, to purchase a space that has been identified and is described in the brochure and video below. If you would like to contribute toward purchasing this space, checks may be mailed to

  Georgetown Church of Christ
  1525 W. University Ave.
  Georgetown, TX 78628

with “Cleft in the Rock” (or “Resource Center,” according to the brochure) in the memo space. Alternatively, contributions can be made online here. Select “Cleft in the Rock” in the Fund dropdown box near the bottom of the first donation web page.

Brochure (17 MB)

Video (3 min 38 sec)

15 Essential Biblical Texts
Essential Purposes

  1. Stewards of God’s Creation, 11min. (Genesis 1:26-28, 31)
  2. Bearers of God’s Promise, 11 min. (Exodus 32:7-14)
  3. Builders of God’s Temple, 13 min (2 Samuel 7:11-14)

Essential Prayers

  1. Celebrating God’s Creation & Law, 16 min. (Psalm 19. This is the video for this Sunday’s lesson.)
  2. Praying through Darkness and Despair, 14 min. (Psalm 42-43)

Essential Promises

  1. When God Comes Back in Power, 17 min. (Isaiah 52:7-12)
  2. When God Sends the Son of Man, 14 min. (Daniel 7:1-2, 9-18)

Essential Fulfillment

  1. God Comes to Dwell on Earth, 10 min. (John 1:14)
  2. God Becomes King, 15 min. (Mark 1:14-15)

Essential Meanings

  1. The Meaning of Redemption, 13 min. (Luke 24:13-35)
  2. The Meaning of Authority, 14 min. (Matthew 28:16-20)

Essential Good News

  1. Jesus the King, 16 min. (Romans 1:1-5)
  2. Crucified with the Messiah, 15 min. (Galatians 2:19-20)

Essential Transformation

  1. Thinking in a Whole New Way, 13 min. (Romans 12:1-2)
  2. Living in a Whole New World, 14 min. (Revelation 21:1-7)


Greetings and Paul’s Reflection on His Situation

  1. Overview, 19 min.
  2. 1:1-11, 18 min.
  3. 1:12-18, 14 min.
  4. 1:18-26, 18 min.
  5. 1:27-2:4, 17 min.

The Heart of the Matter

  1. 2:5-11, 20 min.
  2. 2:9-11, 14 min.
  3. 2:12-18, 18 min.
  4. 2:19-30, 17 min.

Paul’s Past Life and Present Purpose

  1. 3:1-6, 16 min.
  2. 3:7-11, 16 min.
  3. 3:12-16, 12 min.
  4. 3:17-4:1, 17 min.

Final Reflections and Directives to the Philippians

  1. 4:2-9, 19 min.
  2. 4:10-23, 19 min.