Join us every Sunday Morning at 8:30 AM for Westover Zoom Growth Groups.
Email: to inquire or join a 8:30am Sunday ZOOM meeting

Art of Scripture – Back of the Family Room
A group that draws people together who desire to study Scripture deeply and thoroughly. Led by Kevin Rhodes, Kirby Barker, and Mike Benaglio

Generations – C201
A group that draws people together who are seeking people of different generations to practice faith with. Led by Brooke Hollingsworth and Laura Tilley

Young Adults – C202  A group that draws young adults together who are seeking a community to practice faith with. Led by Andrew and Whitney Blunt, Charlie and Kerri Dayment, and Danielle Hejl

Families 1 – C204
This group draws together parents who have babies up through elementary aged kids. Through biblical study, supportive community, and rich discussion, participants learn what it means to lead a family in the way of faith. Led by Kyle and Kristy Goldman.

Families 2 – C203
This group draws people together who have children in Middle School through college. It’s a place where people find guidance, instruction, community and support to navigate the ups and down of living as people of faith while raising children. Led by Ken and Lori Gates and Kevin and Gwynn Baird

Practical Christianity – C205
A group that draws people together who are most interested in practically applying Christian truth. Led by Steve Rosebaugh, Ingrid Edwards, and Mark Billingsley.

Women’s Group – C206
A group for women who aim to take God at his Word and want to live passionate, faith-filled lives. Led by Kerrin Gaenzle, Chris Perkins, Nikki Boone, and Caroline Martinez.

International Group- C208/209
A group that draws together people from all over the world for the purpose of practicing faith together. Led by Charles Epperson and Innocent Bugingo.

Better Together- C210
A group created to bring couples together. This group will seek to create a space for couples to explore their pursuit of God together in ways that will encourage each other and foster stronger relationships. Led by Carol and Archie Johnson

School of Brokenness – Conference Room
A community willing to walk alongside you in your journey from brokenness toward healing through prayer, encouragement, listening, and wise counsel. Led by Mary Owen and Rebecca Ellis

Grief Share – Office Wing
A group of people familiar with grief and willing to be part of your experience. Through guided conversation, prayer, and mutual support, this group helps people navigate the difficult, unpredictable, and challenging season of grief. Led by Ray and Sharon Sibert.

High School – Gym
This gathering is for all students in 9th-12th grades to engage in community and study. Led by Christian and Kathrine Pimentel.

Middle School – C104
This gathering for students in 6th-8th grades to engage din community and study. Led by Andrew Lang.