The mission work in Yendi, Ghana, in the Northern Region of Ghana, seeks to change lives in Jesus’ name spiritually, physically, and mentally. Westover Hills has been involved in Yendi since 1999. Ghana is located in sub- Saharan West Africa. The official language of Ghana is English.

Spiritual. Religiously, the Yendi area is approximately 85% Muslim and 15% Christian with traditional religions throughout. From a spiritual standpoint, Westover and other churches help support several full-time evangelists that work in the town of Yendi and within a 75 mile radius of Yendi to encourage and work with existing Christians and begin congregations of many new believers. Westover also helps supports local village preachers who travel among villages to teach on Sundays. The Ghana Education Services in Yendi has for many years invited Westover supported to teach Christianity in the middle and high schools of the Yendi school district. These teams teach in schools to over 10,000 students ranging in age from 13-22 plus teachers and recruit thousands of World Bible School students. The teams also work with the local church, the prison, and local Christian schools.

Physical. Church of Christ related ministries also actively improve the physical well-being of in and around Yendi. Active ministries have drilled and refurbished thousands of ‘bore-holes’ (wells), bringing clean water to over a hundred thousand Ghanaians. A health care ministry also operates a medical clinic in Yendi and regularly sends teams of health care professionals to the Northern Region to diagnosis and treat a variety of ailments.

Mental. The local church operates a large, popular primary school and acclaimed boarding school. These schools provide sound education and positive role models.

Westover Campaign. The next Westover campaign to Ghana will take place this spring, most likely on or near spring break. Traveling to Africa, experiencing life in an African culture, and reaching out to so many is always an adventure. However, this compelling mission offers an opportunity to teach over 10,000 people about Christianity, many of whom have never been taught the Bible from a Christian. Team members also closely interact with Ghanaian Christians who will inspire and teach you in a transformative way. The campaign needs those who enjoy a challenge and have a heart to share Christ.

Kent Chambers
Gordon Gaenzle
Rob Kranz