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Eastern European Mission (EEM) has been serving the countries of Eastern Europe since 1961. What began as a small Bible smuggling operation has grown into a distribution ministry that is touching the lives of millions of people in the languages of Eastern Europe. Our theme says it all: The Bible. We want everyone to get it.

 Each year EEM hosts Million Dollar Sunday an opportunity to provide Bibles in a variety of venues not covered in our regular distribution budget. This year our project focuses on some very unique opportunities. The project continues to fund Bibles in Public Schools. By the end of 2016 we will have added 500 schools around the area of Kyiv, Ukraine and the schools in the region of Volyn, Ukraine. With the completion of this project we will have placed Bibles in 50% of all public schools in Ukraine, at their invitation. These Bibles are used as text books to teach Christian ethics, a very popular course in the schools.

We also are placing Bibles in schools in Croatia and Romania.

God has opened an incredible door of opportunity this year with the Syrian refugee crises. Due to the fact the “refugee highway” flows into Greece and the Western part of Eastern Europe, we have been requested to fund over 100,000 Bibles in FarsiArabic, and Urdu. Th https://www. and

EEM continues to offer an opportunity for those who wish to experience our ministry of Bible distribution through the Youth Camp Program. Years ago we were asked to send in teams of Americans to teach biblical character in the former Communist youth camps of Ukraine. Each year we send 5-6 teams into various camps to teach, build relationships, and distribute the Bible. In 2016 we sent in six teams into five camps and interacted with nearly 2,000 children. If you love children, like summer camp, and want to experience some of our ministry then please visit our website at

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