Communication Resources

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Great people do great things here, and we want you to be able to give people a chance to be part of those great things.  Our goal is to foster your creativity and enhance your reach to people who are connected to this church.  To give us a chance to help you, please utilize the forms below to get the ball rolling.

Please note that all requests are due three weeks prior to the desired date of the event/announcement.  All church wide communications will required approval that will be based upon availability.  For general questions regarding communication, please consult the Communication Policy.

For questions or concerns, please email Myriann Harden, Building and Communications Coordinator at

Want to reserve space at Westover for an event?
Event Request:  This provides one stop shopping to book space for an event on the Westover Hills Campus, as well as gathering the necessary information to launch your communication efforts.

Need childcare for your event?
We have several forms to direct you to the help you need to make your event a success!
Event Childcare Request
Individual Childcare Registration for Events

Want to get the word out?
Communication Worksheet:  Are you having an event that is not taking place on our campus?  Or do you just have something exciting that people need to know about?  If that’s you, then this will get your communication efforts off to a great start.

Need more details?
Communication Policy:  Do you want to know why your event gets the press it gets?  This will tell you all about what gets communicated where.