Come Before Winter

Our mission springs from our awareness that Christ calls lost people to himself through the love and teaching of those who re-present him around the globe.  We understand that encouraging and training ministers, equipping them in Christ, represents investments in the thousands they will serve collectively each year.

Since 2001, Come before Winter has existed to renew, equip, honor and unite women in ministry around the world. To this end, we have hosted 35 renewals for women: 32 in English and one each in Russian, Portuguese and Spanish. In June 2016 we hosted our first renewal for men in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where a team of 14 U.S. ministers, including Barry Alexander and former Westover minister Phil Ware, served 38 ministers from eleven countries in Asia. We are excited about this new area of service and the enthusiasm with which it has been received and experienced.

Our program includes:

  • English-speaking spiritual “renewals” for ministers. We schedule these events so that we return regularly to the various regions of the world, each time with a new curriculum.
  • International Development Seminars (IDS) to equip ministers who do not speak English. We offer these seminars in response to requests from missionaries seeking exegetical training for their non-English-speaking protégés. This program mentors and instructs national ministers who serve in their native country and/or native tongue. Participants agree to attend four consecutive, annual seminars, receiving biblical and ministerial training that helps them to develop the necessary skills to host an event similar to our renewals after completion of the fourth seminar. To date we have trained leaders serving in Russia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico and the southern United States. In October 2016, we completed the second year of training for a group of Japanese leaders who will host a renewal in Japanese in 2018.

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