The Westover Hills Church of Christ wants your child to feel God’s love through our caring voices and warm hugs. Your child will be lovingly cared for while you are in the worship service. Our desire is to provide the most caring and secure environment possible and for you to feel comfortable leaving your child in our care. We hope to share God’s Word as we cuddle, play with and minister to your child! Please read below to familiarize yourself with our procedures.

When You Leave Your Child:

You can find the nursery off the main foyer near the welcome center. Look for our nursery sign and come on in! Through our Westover KidSafe policy, a security system is in place to assure the safety of your child.

  • All nursery servants have been approved and qualified by our KidSafe Team.
  • There will be a minimum of 2 KidSafe approved adults in each of the nursery rooms.
  • Parents must sign in their child on the age-appropriate sheet located on the desk in the nursery suite, as well as printing out a badge with the help of our nursery greeter. One label is for the child’s back, one for the diaper bag & one to keep with you for picking up your child.
  • You will receive a numbered vibrating pager, which will not only be used to notify you if your child is crying, but will also serve as a claim ticket along with the printed tag for retrieving your child.
  • Please hand your child to their teacher at the door to make for a smoother transition for your child and the other children already in the room. (We do understand that there will be exceptions.)

Picking Up Your Child:

  • Parents will present their pager, keeping the label, to the Nursery Greeter at the desk.
  • The child and his or her belongings will be given to the parent at the door upon presentation of the label. Parents are asked not to send older siblings to pick up babies. The babies will be released to Parents or Adult Parent Designee, only.
  • The nursery worker will be pleased to tell you of the fun they had with your child during the worship service. If they do not mention what your child did in the nursery, please ask and be patient, as many parents will be picking up their children at the same time.

Wellness Policy:

In an effort to keep our nurseries and Bible classes as germ free as possible, please follow these health guidelines and respect the discretion of our staff:

  • No child who has a fever, diarrhea or vomiting within twenty-four hours should be brought to the classroom or nursery.
  • No child with excessive coughing, sneezing or runny nose should be brought to the classroom or nursery.
  • No child with any contagious virus or infection should be brought to the classroom or nursery.
  • If a child becomes sick during their time in the nursery, they will be removed promptly from the other children while the parent is paged to pick up their child.


If you have any questions, we’d love to answer those for you. Please contact us at if you need anything. We look forward to having you at Westover and pray that you have a Spirit-filled, warm-welcoming visit with our family!