Artreach Gift Fair
November 9, 2018 | 10 AM – 4 PM

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Artreach Gift Fair is an annual ethical gift fair hosted by Westover Hills Church of Christ. By providing a marketplace for ethically produced products, we support entrepreneurs and artisans around the world.

This year we will welcome jewelry, accessory, clothing, home goods, and food vendors as we celebrate our 10th anniversary of ethical shopping at Westover. For vendor details, visit us on Facebook, Instagram, or see the list below.

This is a perfect opportunity to invite your friends and neighbors to church, as we show God’s love to the world by supporting the hard work of these incredible artisans!

To volunteer or apply to be a vendor, email Ashley Luksys and Chez Dishman at

Here are all the vendors for this year!

Atitlan Music School
Evan Brooke
Global Mamas
Haung Nan
Ka Amara
Krama Wheel
Moesel Clothing
Nang Gwalu
Otter Pass
Praxis Coffee
Prosperity Candles
Purse & Clutch
Rafiki Africa Ministries
Remnant Studios
Salt & Light Trading Co
Starfish Project
Sweet Taste of Freedom
The Women of Pader Uganda
True Vineyard
Ukwazi Macadamia Company
Zuri Styles