American Samoa Mission

The Tafuna church of Christ was planted by vocational missionaries, Lynn and Mara Ashley, slightly more than twenty years ago. The church began with the dream of becoming a light for Christ throughout American Samoa. Services were conducted in English and Samoan. From its humble beginnings of a dozen people meeting in the Ashley’s home, the church grew to a regular attendance of about 40. In 2004, a plea was made to the Lake Travis church of Christ for missionaries to be sent to American Samoa in order to give full-time attention to the work of the church.

David and Danna Willis, along with their two youngest sons, answered the call and arrived in American Samoa in the summer of 2005. By this time, Lynn Ashley and Malala Malaeti’a Misa were serving as elders of the Tafuna church of Christ. David became a part of the team. During the next ten years, the church continued to grow in numbers. The church also bought property and built a church building. Because the church property is not in the village of Tafuna, the church is now known as the Lupelele church of Christ. Also, several programs were put in place.

These are areas where short-term mission efforts have been very helpful. One annual program is the South Pacific Lectureships. This annual event just completed its eleventh lectureship. Another annual event that has emerged is a youth camp. The summer of 2016 conducted its sixth Camp Alofa. Visitors from New Zealand, Australia, and the States have helped in each of these events. They have conducted Bible classes, been keynote speakers, overseen VBS and the youth camp. Without their help, these events would not have been successful. One of the most important efforts in the mission work has been to bring people to Christ and help them mature as Christians. This continues to be the purpose that drives everything we do in American Samoa.

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