African Christian College

Our goal is to better the world, one nut at a time. UKWAZI macadamia nuts and macadamia oil are not only a healthier, tastier option than many other products on the market, they provide jobs and educational opportunities to African citizens, too. When 14,000 macadamia trees were planted on a 150 acre plot of land on African Christian College’s Swaziland campus beginning in 1997, it was more than growing an orchard – seeds were being planted to provide the means to nurture the development of future African leaders for years to come.

“UKWAZI”, in Zulu, means “knowledge”. It all started with the knowledge of the founding chairman of African Christian College, who discovered that the 150 acre patch of uncultivated land on campus contained the ideal soil and climate to produce the tastiest macadamia nuts the world has ever seen. Building upon that knowledge, a team of students, faculty and community members worked hard to learn how to grow and nurture a successful orchard, sparking the creation of the Tree of Life Project, an initiative to create a living endowment to fund African Christian College, the Tree of Life Project soon became the ultimate lesson in sustainability.

We, at Westover, carry this initiative to reality by being the means of selling nuts and oil to customers throughout the United States. In Austin, we process the nuts which includes roasting and shipping to our main outlet: H. E. B. and Central Market. Volunteers pitch in and help in the roasting on scheduled event days. In so doing, we share in the development of minds and souls in the continent of Africa. You can be a part of this spiritual enterprise by volunteering your time.

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