Worship: A cappella, 8:45 AM | Instrumental, 11:15 AM
Growth Groups: 10:00 AM

8:45 AM – A cappella Service   /  10:00 AM – Growth Groups   /  11:15 AM – Instrumental Service
(Sign Language Interpretation offered during 11:15 AM service)
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On January 17th, 2016, we announced the addition of an instrumental worship service on Sundays at Westover to go along with our current a capella worship service. We believe this addition will make more room at the table for others to come to know Jesus.

Worship Videos
Singing is only worship if it invites you into connection with God. In launching our instrumental service, we’re committed to making our worship more accessible. To prepare our family, we want to share with you several songs that will be used in our first few weeks of the new service.
Click here to view videos of each song.

Room at the Table
Making Room at the Table – A Series on Worship
01.24 // Making Room at the Table, Part 1 – Luke Norsworthy
01.31 //  Making Room at the Table, Part 2 – Luke Norsworthy
02.07 //  Combined Adult Class – Douglas Foster
02.07 //  Making Room at the Table, Part 3 – Luke & Douglas Foster


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