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Tama Williamson, President of Center for Child Protection
As parents, we want to believe that we live in a safe world and that our decisions will keep our children safe at all cost. Mrs. Williamson was no different. As a new mother in 1991, she never thought she would face the nightmare that she did when she learned that her daughter had been abused. Mrs. Williamson was a single mother for the first 11 years of her daughter’s life. Together, she and her daughter overcame the pain of abuse, no fatherly support, and the financial burdens that resulted. Because Mrs. Williamson’s life as a young mother was sprinkled with a daily dose of insecurity regarding the safety her daughter, Mrs. Williamson started her own business at the age of 23. She has gone on to build two companies, one of which was acquired in 2010 allowing her to launch her second company, TriggerPoint Media. Mrs. Williamson was married in 2003, gaining two additional daughters and three grandchildren. Mrs. Williamson is also the residing Board President for the Center for Child Protection and a board member of Tomorrow’s Child Foundation in Austin, Texas. Her passion now is to save one child at a time by saving one parent at a time, thus giving all children the hope for a healthy life full of love.


Conference Topic: Raising Children in an Unsafe World
Research is clearly showing that 1 in 10 of our children will be abused before the age of 18. We can no longer afford to ignore this rampant problem, and we must answer the call to protect and provide healing to children, including our own. Many parents, by no fault of their own, end up facing these traumatic situations with their children, either due to abusive peer relationships or abuse from family members. While we cannot protect our children from all harm, we can learn how to spot harm, help our children overcome the trauma, and teach them to be strong individuals who can thrive in the world.