Worship: A cappella, 8:45 AM | Instrumental, 11:15 AM
Growth Groups: 10:00 AM

Scott Warner, Executive Minister at Westover Church
Scott Warner has been a minister at Westover for 13 years, and is currently in the role of Executive Minister. He has a passion for Jesus’ church and for helping young parents be intentional about raising their children to walk with God. He and his wife, Melissa, have 2 daughters.


Conference Topic: What matters most when “everything” is important?
How do we raise our children to keep “the most important thing,” The Most Important Thing? For those who claim Christ as their Lord, we must be very intentional about showing our children that following Jesus takes priority over all other things. Often our enemy is not “bad things.” Instead, it is “good things” that masquerade as The Most Important Thing. We will talk about how to make sure the “good things” don’t hinder our children from being fully devoted followers of Christ.