Worship: A cappella, 8:45 AM | Instrumental, 11:15 AM
Growth Groups: 10:00 AM
Simpler Time: 5:00-7;00 PM


Westover Youth Girl’s Retreat 2019
April 12 – 13 @ Westover

All middle and high school students and their friends are invited to join us for the 20th year of the Westover Girls’ Retreat! We will get to visit with some old friends, eat, dance, play, and talk about what it means to be a woman of God. 

Who is the Girls’ Retreat for?

This is open to all high school and middle school girls and their friends.


Where is the retreat held?

It is at Westover, held primarily in the Family Room and Gym.


How much does the retreat cost?

$20 for dinner, breakfast, and a t-shirt


Do the girls go anywhere else during the retreat?

No. This is essentially a “lock-in,” so we lock all the doors for safety at night and do all of our activities inside the building.


Who else attends the Girls’ Retreat?

Several parents and KidSafe approved adults will be there to supervise throughout the night.


What do the girls need to pack?

sleeping bag, pillow, air mattress (optional), toiletries, pajamas, a change of clothes, a Bible, any special snacks to accommodate food allergies


Where will the girls sleep and shower?

They will sleep in the huddle rooms or on the gym floor. Unfortunately, there is no shower access, but they will have access to the church bathrooms.


What do we do at the Girls’ Retreat?

We have dinner and a movie every year, followed by games, a speaker, small group discussion/prayer time, a dance party, and lots of silliness and eating!


Can the girls bring friends?

YES! This is a great opportunity to bring friends and introduce them to Jesus in a fun and comfortable environment.


When does it begin and end?

We kick off at 6:30PM on Friday night and end on Saturday morning at 10:00AM.

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