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Westover Food Drive
October 29th at Westover

“More than us, More than here” sometimes happens HERE! Food Drive time is coming up soon!! Help pack the pantry on October 29th! You’ll be able to find your food “assignment” below and we’ll be passing bags with the list on October 22nd. Thank you in advance!

Instructions: Pick the item that goes with the first letter of your last name and bring it with you on October 29th!
Grab a paper bag from Westover on October 22nd

A-B Peanut Butter & Beef Stew
C-D Chili & Pancake Mix (add water only)
E-G Boxed Cereal & Spaghetti Sauce
H-I Canned Fruit Cocktail & White Rice (1 or 2 pound)
J-M Peanut Butter & Beef Stew
N-Q Spaghetti (1 or 2 pound) & Boxed Cake Mix
R-S Dry Pinto Beans & Boxed Dinners (ex. Hamburger Helper)
T-Z Chili & Pancake Mix (add water only)