Worship: A cappella, 8:45 AM | Instrumental, 11:15 AM
Growth Groups: 10:00 AM

Family Camp


Family Camp, May 3 – 5

Where is Family Camp?
Family Camp will be at HEB Foundation Camps (H E B Camp Rd, Leakey, TX 78873) at their Echo Valley campsite, roughly 2 hours and 45 mins from Westover. For directions and more information about Echo Valley, visit here. Print these directions before leaving for camp!

How much is Family Camp?
$35 per person.

When do we arrive?
Check-in at Echo Valley will begin at 4:00pm on Friday. Please do not come before 4:00pm because you won’t be able to get in. Andrew will be at the entrance of camp to check you in and give you your cabin assignment, meal prep/clean up assignment, schedule, etc. We will have dinner available for those that arrive before 8:00pm. Please let us know when you are planning on arriving before you leave Austin. Cell reception gets worse the closer you get to camp.

Where will we sleep?
We will be staying in bunk style cabins that hold 14-20 people, so be sure to bring bedding and jammies that you’ll be comfy in in a long twin bed. The cabins have heating, but no air conditioning. If you like it chilly at night, you can open the windows (they have screens on them) or bring fans. We’ll have your cabin assignments ready when you check in.

Can I bunk with people I know?
Absolutely! When signing up, you will be asked if you have a roommate request. We will try our best to put those that want to together in the same cabin.

I am coming to camp by myself. Where do I stay?
If you’d like to stay with other families, we will put you in a muti-family cabin. Otherwise, we will have all-male cabins and all-female cabins.

What will we do for meals?
Echo Valley has a massive kitchen where we will prepare and serve meals together from. Everyone is required to help prepare/serve/clean at least one meal. You’ll choose which you’d prefer when you sign up. Please list any food allergies you have.

What will we do at camp?
The only things scheduled for camp are meals, the talent show, Saturday morning meeting & worship, and worship Sunday morning. The rest is up to you! Basketball, tennis, swimming & canoeing in the Frio River, hiking, kickball, fishing, and more are available to us at Echo Valley. Bring any sports equipment, board games, bicycles and scooters, etc.

What should I pack?
Find a list of all necessary items here.

When will we leave?
Check-out will be at 12:00pm on Sunday. Since we will have to have everything cleaned and ready for the next group that comes in, we will not be able to use the kitchen and make a hot lunch before we leave. Instead, we’ll have sandwich supplies for you to make sack lunches to eat at camp or take them on the road if you aren’t planning on stopping to eat on your way back to Austin. We will send a survey out next week so you can let us know if you plan on getting to camp early enough to have dinner on Friday and if you plan on making sack lunches on Sunday.

I’m really excited about this! Where do I sign up?
We’re excited, too! Space is limited, so sign up below!