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Elder Selection Form

Guide to Selecting Additional Shepherds

Our purpose is to participate in a Spirit-led process to discover those men whom the Holy Spirit has prepared to serve as future elders of the Westover Hills Church of Christ.

We’re asking all who are part of this church family to do the following :

  • Spend time in the Word discovering what God has said about Spiritual leadership, and particularly the role of elders in the Church
  • Devote time to prayer, and a period of fasting if you’re able, asking God for wisdom and direction as you consider the names of those you believe are gifted, demonstrate heavenly wisdom (James 3:13-18) and are qualified to serve.
  • After you have involved yourself in the process above, please submit names using this online form before or by Sunday, February 25th.
  • We ask that you not approach men and ask if they’d serve, but instead submit the names you’d like to have considered, and the Shepherd discovery team will do the work of approaching and meeting with men who receive a significant number of submissions.

Elder Selection Schedule

  • February 25th – Deadline for new elder recommendations to be submitted. Recommendations may be submitted online or a hard copy may be submitted in the labeled box at the info table. See downloadable form below.
  • February 25th thru March 9th – the Shepherd Discovery Team comprised of Jerry Weathers, Greg Watts, Denise Black, Kevin Bolton, and Daniel Clayton will meet with those who receive sufficient support from the Westover Hills family to discuss their: 1) Willingness, 2) Fitness to serve, and 3) The considerations involved in serving.
  • March 18th – Names of candidates willing to serve are presented to the church followed by a period of prayer, fasting, and feedback from the congregation.
  • March 30th – Last day for feedback from congregation regarding prospective elders.
  • April 1st thru June 3rd – a time of mentoring and training alongside our current elders.
  • June 3rd – Ordination of new elders.

Biblical Passages to consider in discovering those who will be our future Shepherds:

  • James 3:13-18
  • I Timothy 3:1-7
  • Titus 1:5-9
  • I Peter 5:1-4
  • Acts 20:28-31

Submission of Names:

After seeking God’s Wisdom by spending time in His Word, in prayer and after careful consideration of the lives of the following men, I’m submitting the following names of individuals to be considered for the role of elder in the Westover Hills Church of Christ (Please feel free to make comments about why these individuals should be considered):