Worship: A cappella, 8:45 AM | Instrumental, 11:15 AM
Growth Groups: 10:00 AM
Simpler Time: 5:00-7;00 PM

Domestic Refugee Ministries

Here are some ways to get involved in serving our in our Domestic Refugee Ministries.
For more info, please email info@westover.org.

  • Help Organizing Donations – we receive in kind donation all the time that need to be sorted and organized (at the Westover building)
  •  Occasionally drive a van picking refugees to meet with the church – Vans are provided by Westover.  The van is picked up at the Westover building
  • Help fill out IRS forms (simple) for refugees – these newly working families need help during tax time with filing their taxes
  • Tutor elementary school refugee children – occurs every Wednesday night at the building from 7:00 – 8:00 pm at the Westover building
  • Visit refugee families in their homes – this can be done at any time, regular visits are made on weekends
  • Individual or small group bible studies with refugees (children & adults) – occurs every Saturday at 4:00 PM at the Oak Hallow apartments (near the building)
  •  Help refugee families read their mail – this can be done any time a person is available
  • Take refugees grocery shopping – this can be done any time a person is available
  • Take refugees to run errands – this can be done any time a person is available
  • Welcoming new refugees to Austin – this occurs when we learn of newly arriving families.  If interested, people can be contacted to come along for a formal welcome to the family
  •  Help refugees fill out job applications – this occurs on an ‘as needed’ basis
  • African Cultural Worship Service – The focus of this service is to bring together Africans with Americans to form relationships of understanding
    and love as together we worship our Lord Jesus Christ. Click here for more info.Iwanttoserve