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Check out these upcoming classes at Westover:

Discover Westover
This is the first of four courses in our Discover series. It provides an a 3 week introduction to what it means to be part of the Westover Hills family. We will explore the vision, mission, core beliefs, and ministry practices of this church. A primary focus is to provide the information people need to decide if this will be their church home and to offer practical steps that will allow them to become connected to this church.

Discover Ministry
The second course in our Discover series offers a 2 week experience in which we focus on what it means to be a functioning member of the Body of Christ. The lens by which we achieve this is the study of giftedness. This requires both attention to Scripture and participation in spiritual practices that help us better understand how God has wired each of us to serve in his Kingdom. Upon completing this series, participants will be connected with meaningful opportunities to more fully connect with the ministry of this church.

Discover Neighboring
Our third offering in the Discover series dedicates 3 weeks to prepare individuals to be part of Christian small community in our Care Groups. The primary focus of the material is to prepare individuals to serve as Care Group leaders and/or co-leaders. We encourage people to participate in the series regardless of your immediate interest in leading a Care Group because it provides practical biblical information and practices that will vastly improve your Care Group experience.

Discover Mission
The final class in our Discover series invites participants to invest 4 weeks in learning principals and practices that will allow you to find your place in God’s mission exactly where you are in your life. We will encounter Scripture and mission practices in a way that will open your eyes to new possibilities for how your faith shapes the way in which you live your life.

Faith Story
Faith Story is a series of classes that equips parents for the difficult task of raising children to be disciples of Jesus. These classes provide biblical and practical information that parents can immediately put to use in their homes. A complete list of Faith Story classes can be found at http://westover.org/faith-story/.

Marriage Matters
This class provides biblical instruction and practice for cultivating a Christ Centered marriage. Through study, discussion, modeling, and testimony participants are given the opportunity to identify habits and routines that will allow them to pursue the godly marriage they desire.

This 14 week course will serve as an introduction to Christian apologetics. This study equips believers to articulate the truth of our faith and provide biblically aware, intellectually sound, and respectful responses to the challenges and questions non-believers raise toward the Christian faith.

Financial Peace University
This 8 week series equips people to manage their finances with a Christ-centered responsibility. By heading Scriptures lessons on how to handle money, Christians are able to live in a way that fosters peace and generosity.

Family Grace
This 12 week course provides a safe and supportive environment for individuals coping with the challenges of family members affected by mental illness. Through communal support, biblical reflection, and relevant lessons participants are pointed towards positive ways to cope with these challenges.

Starting Point
This 8 week course provides a place for people who are new to faith or returning to faith a chance to explore the core truths of Jesus in a respectful and informative environment. The goal of this class is to provide helpful discussion about what we learn of Jesus in Scripture so that people can make their own informed decision about his place in their life.

Grief Share
This 12 week series provides a supportive community for individuals and families walking through seasons of grief. This is a location that allows people to wrestle with their pain in the midst of Christ-centered community that is committed to offering them unconditional love and grace.

Family Talk: Worship
A place for people to engage in a supportive community that will help them navigate difficult conversations with family members who struggle to understand our churches decision to add an instrumental worship service.

Preparedness Peace
This 6 week study offered by the Austin Disaster Relief Network will help your family be a prepared family so that you’ll have the best chance possible to respond to the needs that arise in times of crisis. This is an important first step in order to be part of any ADRN response effort.