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Growth Groups: 10:00 AM
Simpler Time: 5:00-7;00 PM

Angola Mission
Since 2011, the Reese family has served as ambassadors of Christ in the African nation of Angola. Based in the city of Huambo together with their teammates, they share a vision for the transformation of all of Angola through the gospel of Christ. Angola’s history is long and traumatic, including centuries of slavery under the Portuguese and culminating in several decades of devastating civil war. Since 2002, Angola has entered a new season of peace and reconstruction. Hope fills the air. But for many, this hope is misplaced in a vision of materialistic gain. Meanwhile, the foundations of society – family structures, educational systems, faithfulness to God – remain broken. True hope for Angola is in Christ and committed fellowships of Christ-followers. So Danny and Katie seek to plant churches and nurture maturity through Bible teaching, service, transparent example, and mentoring. Renovo, their home-based cell church initiative, has been especially effective at welcoming unchurched individuals and families. Through simple Bible study and authentic relationships new people are experiencing the restoring and healing power of God. The Angola Mission Team invites Christians from all parts of the world to join them in prayer, service, and mission.

Here are some key ways to join together in mission:

• Pray! Stay up-to-date by receiving the Reeses’ newsletters (sign up at www.angolateam.org) and commit to pray over God’s work in Angola.
• Share Experiences! Foster deep relationships and evangelistic outreach in your own home-based groups, then let the Reeses know what God is teaching you through the experience.
• Do an Internship! Every summer, the Angola Mission Team hosts college-aged interns for up to 2 months. This hands-on experience in Angola will transform the way you see God at work in the world.
• Join the Support Team! Talk to Jeffrey Hejl about get-togethers to encourage and love on the Reese family.
• Visit the Reeses! Nothing encourages them more than receiving visits from their church family, and it might just be the experience of a life-time!

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